When I was first learning to play the cello, I would place my first and second fingers too close together in first position. After placing them I could shift them over if the intonation was not on, but I wanted to be able to place them correctly at the start. In my other life I write computer programs, so I developed an exercise on my computer to help in placing those 2 fingers.

As I developed as a cellist, I discovered more fingering and intonation problems, and developed more exercises to help me. After a while I thought that if these help me, perhaps they will help other aspiring cellists. So I converted the programs, and developed this website, so that others could use them.

Vilis O. Nams


I will, specifically, add exercises for tenor and treble clefs – I’m especially weak in the treble clef. And I will add the most frequent exercises requested by users.

What’s New

2024.02.05 – Changed tone from a rather raucous synthesized tone to a sampled cello sound.

2024.02.01 – Added 4th position exercises for fingers 1&4.

2024.02.01 – Changed wording for 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions (normal), and added notes to explanation.

2024.01.26 – Added 2nd position and 3rd position (normal) exercises.